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Reminder Triggers: Use everyday moments, like putting on the kettle, as reminders to tune into the present moment.

Reminder Triggers

Intention: Rather than jumping into our emails as soon as we wake up, lets just take a moment to appreciate our warm bed

Start Your Day With INTENTION

Micro-Moments: Savor those little moments that give us pleasure; like that first sip of a much needed coffee


Distract Yourself: In times of sustained high-stress situations, you need to distract yourself regularly in order to stay well.

Distract Yourself

Six-Second Breath: When youre feeling stressed or anxious, re-set your nervous brain by breathing in for 3 seconds and breathing out for 3 seconds.

The Six -Second Breath

Relieving Boredom: Use your 5 senses to relieve boredom when carrying out tedious tasks, like peeling potatoes.

Relieving Boredom Get Outdoors

Get Outdoors: Its not always possible to spend time outdoors in winter, but whenever it is possible, make the most of it!

Beginner’s  Mind

Beginners Mind: Taking a look the familiar as though seeing it for the first time can give us a new perspective.

Appreciation Journal

Appreciation Journal: At you settle down to sleep at night, think of three things in the day that you appreciate or are grateful for.

Five Senses  Exercise

Five Senses Exercise: Great for calming anxiety. Find 5 things to see, 4 to hear, 3 to feel, 2 to smell and one to taste.

Mindful Everyday

Mindful Everyday: Mindfulness is not all about meditating. You can be mindful any time during the day by just paying attention.

Shake It Up

Shake It Up: Switch off auto-pilot by shaking it up-choose a different route, try a different food, change your routine

Day Dream: Imagination can sometimes be underrated. But every invention, project, deed or action began with imagination.

Day Dream Most Important?

Most Important? Sometimes our lives get so busy, we lose sight of whats most important.

Gratitude  Letter

Gratitude Letter: Write a letter thanking someone in your life who has been a positive influence.

Move Your Body

Move Your Body: Exercise is just a word for planned physical activity. You dont have to go to the gym to exercise

Acceptance is Not Passive

Acceptance is Not Passive: Whenever we accept what is, it gives us the head space to decide our next move.

Be a Friend to Yourself

Be a Friend to Yourself: If we spoke to our friends the way we sometimes speak to ourselves, we wouldnt have any friends.

Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure: Let go of your fear by seeing failure as a learning opportunity. Besides, everybody fails at sometime!


Mind Your Muscles: There are so many benefits, psychological and physical, to having a regular massage.

Keep an Open Mind

Keep an Open Mind: Sometimes we need to look again at our assumptions about people, things or situations.

Allow Your Feelings

Allow Your Feelings: Uncomfortable emotions are every bit as valid and important as the positive and pleasant ones.


Mini De-Clutter: For half-an-hour a month, de-clutter by sorting a cupboard ,wardrobe, desk or any area in need of de-cluttering.

People  Pleasing

People Pleasing: Its always good to be obliging and helpful, but are we doing it for the right reasons?

Step Outside  Your Comfort  Zone

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone: Because thats where life and learning happen. And its almost always well worth it!

Be Spontaneous

Be Spontaneous: Drop everything and go for a walk in the woods, or take the children to the funfair. Do something unplanned and fun.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself: Dont be afraid to show your true personality. Be your authentic self and let your true colours shine through.

Urgent or Important?

Urgent or Important? Sometimes its difficult to tell the difference, and sometimes its both. But important should always win.

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness: Do something kind and unexpected for a friend, family member or total stranger.

Sort Your To-Do List: We all have that item on our to-do list that we keep ignoring or avoiding. Either do it, or delete it off the list!

Sort Your To-Do List

We Need To Talk: Whether we confide in a friend, stranger or loved one, we need to talk about the things that are bringing us down.

We Need  To Talk

Remove Negativity: There is enough negativity in the world without seeing in on our social media every day. Weed out the negative posters.

Remove Negativity

Treat Your Body: Do something nice for yourself that feels good. For example, book a massage, take a luxurious bath with essential oils or wear silk next to your skin.

Treat Your Body

Own Your Problems: Stating our problem, out loud, even to ourselves, can be the first step in finding a solution.

Own Your Problems

Know Your Limits: Sometimes its tempting to take on more work than I can manage, but that can lead to tiredness and shoddy work.




Laugh: Its an old saying, but its also true, that laughter is the best medicine. It has so many physical and psychological benefits I couldnt possible list them all here. Laugh!


Whenever we're getting frustrated with a problem it's good to move away from it if possible and do something completely different for a while.

Move Away From the Problem

Set Mini-Goals: It can sometimes be daunting to make big changes in life, so begin with small steps first.

Set Mini-Goals

Switch Off: Turn off your phone and appliances and enjoy the silence for a while.


Positivity: I introduce a friend of mine here called Tom, who has something to say on staying positive.


Listen to Your Body: Cats know whats good for them, and they listen to their bodys needs. Take a leaf from their book!

Listen to Your Body

Moving Towards Your Goals: Try this morning exercise to help open you up to opportunities that will bring you nearer to your goals.

Moving Towards Your Goals